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Patten:   Activated carbon
Name:  Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon


Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon is a medium activity carbon is used mainly in various water treatment applications, usually in fixed bed adsorbers. The carbon has high de-chlorination properties when compared to coal based carbon. It also exhibits increased capability to adsorb trihalomethanes or THMs and methyl tertiary butyl ethers or MTBEs, and other disinfectants when compared to coal based carbon because of its abundance of micropores. The carbon is widely used in Soft Drinks Bottlers, brewers and water treatment companies.

Activated carbon is the most popular and the cheapest material used in purification of alcohol,and steam-activated carbon is derived from natural raw materials.Much of activated carbon is regenerated (cleaning/desorption) and is used hundreds,or even thousands,of times.

Typical Analysis
Method of Analysis
Iodine No 1000 - 1500 mg/g ASTM D4607-94
CTC (CCL4) activity 50 - 100% ASTM D3467-88
Apparent Density 0.45 to 0.55 g/cc ASTM D2854-96
Ball Pan Hardness 95 - 98% ASTM D3820-79
Moisture Content < 5% ASTM D2867-99
ASH Content < 3% ASTM D2866-94
pH Value 6 to 11 JIS K1474
ASTM D2862-82

Pore structure
Each starting carbonaceous material possesses inherent properties for forming different size range of internet pores. Generally, peat and lignite tend to form relatively large pores. Coal-based carbons tend to form wide ranges of pores sizes.
Because coconut shell Coconut shell carbons have much higher pore volume in the microporous region and slightly lower in the macropores region.

Activated carbon (also called activated charcoal) is the more general term which includes carbon material mostly derived from charcoal.

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