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NoRise pH Stabilized Activated Carbon
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Name:  NoRise pH Stabilized Activated Carbon


Activated carbon is the most popular and the cheapest material used in purification of alcohol,and steam-activated carbon is derived from natural raw materials.Much of activated carbon is regenerated (cleaning/desorption) and is used hundreds,or even thousands,of times.

A patented technique to pre-treat activated carbon with a weakly adsorbed organic acid for pH sensitive applications involving treatment of potable drinking water, industrial process water, and groundwater remediation.

A common problem associated with the start-up of fresh beds of activated carbon in water treatment applications is an inadvertent pH rise. The exact intensity and duration of the pH increase is greatly dependent upon the water chemistry in any given application, but typically ranges from one to three pH points and persists for several thousand bed volumes of water. This pH change can cause substantial compliance issues for some facilities. Siemens' has developed our NoRise process, a patented (US Patent Nos. 6,946,077 and 7,300,586) technique to pre-treat activated carbon with a weakly adsorbed organic acid. As a result, the pH rise is mitigated without affecting the long-term performance of the carbon.

Activated carbon (also called activated charcoal) is the more general term which includes carbon material mostly derived from charcoal.

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