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Powder wood activated carbon
Patten:   activated carbon
Name:  Powder Wood Activated Carbon


The different types of activated carbon are produced by physical and chemical methods. The high quality wood based activated carbon is a special fine microstructure, characterized by fine micropore, large surface area, high adherence strength, and fast filtering speed. Wood-base activated carbon is made by treatment of phosphorus acid, water steam and zinc chloride. It’s mainly used in potable water, treatment of industrial and residential wastewater, sweetener color removal, medicine and chemistry fields.

Activated carbon is the most popular and the cheapest material used in purification of alcohol,and steam-activated carbon is derived from natural raw materials.Much of activated carbon is regenerated (cleaning/desorption) and is used hundreds,or even thousands,of times.


item unit value
methylene blue ml/0.1g 12-14
iodine value mg/g >900
iron content % <0.1
acid dissolve % 3.5-6.5
ignition residue % <5
hardness % >90
moisture % <10
PH 7-10

Activated carbon (also called activated charcoal) is the more general term which includes carbon material mostly derived from charcoal.

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